One life to live

I started this blog a few weeks because I love to write and also to help other people on sharing there thoughts on how to do it all. As a woman as a mom I believe we have the most jobs in this world. We take on everything to taking care of our families our homes and just doing it all.. I was hoping to hear other woman’s stories on how they feel at the end of the day. So I hope if you see this post you will take a minute to read and leave your a comment on how do you feel on doing it all. Thank you and hope to connect with you..


What is your inspiration!! Or do you have to one to be successful? I think you are already succcessful if your happy with yourself! I believe it all starts with you how you see yourself and especially how you feel about yourself.. life is wonderful we are given opportunities everyday. Some we miss but what is meant to be always finds its way back.. even in our darkest times life is wonderful it’s how we learn.. what makes you successful please share your thoughts.. thank you for reading

One life to live

What makes a day a good day? Attitude, your children, your pets. What is the right answer or is there one.. a good day for me means no stress.. when I get things done, or have accomplished something which can be anything. Find your motivation smell the flowers be with your kids play with your dog. Today was a good day.. for everyone a good day can be anything. So what is a good day for you??

Moving on

We know when it’s time to move on when we have done everything we can. This sense of freedom we feel when we are done with our situation and we move on. We may not know what to do next or how to do it but we know when it’s time to move on. It’s especially hard when you don’t want to or your not ready but we sometimes are left with no other choice this can be with relationships, marriage, jobs with anything that brings you down or stresses you. We sometimes take to long to move on even when we know it’s time. But we hold on to we can’t hold on anymore and that is my question why do we wait so long? Why must be hang on until we are exhausted or push out..

One life to live

We all have one life to live.. I live everyday for my son he makes me a better person. I love animals and my passion is writing.. as a woman I feel like we have to do it all but we are not credited enough for doing all. There is pressure for us to work make money take care of our children and our homes.. and depending on who you marry are we really appreciated. That is the question that I’m having trouble with.. I love taking care of my family my house and doing it all.. but are we supposed to do it all..