Moving on

We know when it’s time to move on when we have done everything we can. This sense of freedom we feel when we are done with our situation and we move on. We may not know what to do next or how to do it but we know when it’s time to move on. It’s especially hard when you don’t want to or your not ready but we sometimes are left with no other choice this can be with relationships, marriage, jobs with anything that brings you down or stresses you. We sometimes take to long to move on even when we know it’s time. But we hold on to we can’t hold on anymore and that is my question why do we wait so long? Why must be hang on until we are exhausted or push out..


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I am 45 years old I am a mother to an amazing son named Richie. He’s my world he makes me a better person everyday. I love animals and my passion is writing..

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